May 20, 2022

Chris Jenner is not Pete Davidson’s manager of low romance.

Chris Jenner is not Pete Davidson's manager of low romance.

A new A-List client? Pat Davidson Not being managed by Chris Jenner, We are weekly Can verify exclusively.

Rumors that Saturday night live Signed with Star, 28 Living with Kardashians Alum, 66, first appeared on Thursday, May 12 “Morgan’s Pop Talks” podcast the host Morgan Page Share reports on TikTok. “Maybe Chris Jenner is managing a new celebrity client,” he said Says in the video. “When I tell you, I’m basically shaking.” The social media influencer then shared a clip from his podcast in which his guest claimed that “our sources are saying that he is going to join Chris Jenner.”

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However, sources close to Momagar denied the reports on Friday, May 13. “Chris Pete is not the manager,” said one insider. Us Numerous sources in particular, however, note that Jenner is advising Davidson – not just in official capacity.

Last month, deadline Davidson reportedly split from its management company, Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Comedian manager, Tim SarkisIs credited as one of the two executive producers. Davidson’s stand-up special: 2016 Pat Davidson: SMD And 2020 Pat Davidson: Alive from New York.

The New Yorker has been dating Jenner ever since he started dating. Kim Kardashian In October 2021, after the founding of Schmidt SNL The first host. “I’m kind of a girl, of course“And I wouldn’t be with anyone if I didn’t plan to spend more time with them,” Kardashian, 41, told ABC News. Robin Roberts Last month. “Obviously, I want to take my time, but I’m very happy and very satisfied. And living in peace is such a good feeling.”

During the special, Jenner endorsed the relationship.Describing Davidson as a “great” partner for his daughter. “He’s a really nice guy,” said the California native.

On Sunday, May 8, Jenner revealed this. Davidson gave her a bouquet of flowers. For Mother’s Day. “Thank you #petedavidson !!! I love you 🧡🧡🧡,” he wrote via his Instagram story, featuring a bright pink and orange bouquet of the Big Time Adolescence actor.

Jenner has been managing her children’s careers ever since. KUWTK Premiered in 2007.. “First of all, I think when you have a child, you go beyond everything you need if you were just a decent person who would be a regular paymaster,” he said. ۔ WSJ Magazine In April 2021. “So I think I just got the benefit of being completely dedicated to the kids and wishing them the best and really making the extra miles and spending the extra time.”

He continued: “I’m on 24/7 call, which is constant.… I feel like a fireman because I keep putting out fires every day, at some level. I think I Good because they are my children and I think I am eligible for many different reasons in life. ”

With Diana Cooper reporting

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