August 19, 2022


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                    <span class="post-title">دبئی؛ ملازمت سے استعفیٰ دینے پر ورک پرمٹ کی منسوخی کا عمل آسان بنا دیا گیا</span></h1>
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دبئی (قدرت روزنامہ) متحدہ عرب امارات کی وزارت برائے انسانی وسائل اور امارات (MOHRE) نے نجی شعبے میں آجروں کو آن لائن خدمات فراہم کرکے کاروباری مالکان کے لیے اپنے ملازمین کے اجازت نامے کا انتظام کرنا انتہائی آسان بنا دیا ہے، وزارت کی طرف سے پیش کردہ ایسی ہی ایک خدمت ان کارکنوں کے ورک پرمٹ کی منسوخی ہے جنہوں نے استعفیٰ دے دیا ہے یا کمپنی چھوڑ دی ہے .
تفصیلات کے مطابق ایک سرکاری سوشل میڈیا پوسٹ میں وزارت برائے انسانی وسائل اور امارات نے اس عمل کے بارے میں تفصیلات فراہم کیں جن پر ورک پرمٹ کو منسوخ کرنے کے لیے عمل کرنے کی ضرورت ہے، یہ عمل یا تو وزارت برائے انسانی وسائل اور امارات (MOHRE) کی ویب سائٹ یا موبائل ایپلیکیشن ‘MOHRE’ کے ذریعے مکمل کیا جا سکتا ہے جو Apple اور Android دونوں کے لیے دستیاب ہے .

Breaking News | Namaz e Janaza of 3 helicopter crash martyrs offered |شہدائے بلوچستان کی نماز جنازہ

>>> How to cancel work permit of MOHRE app employees?
If you own a business you need to set up an ‘Employer’ account with the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates to complete the organization related process, at to set up your company account. . You login to your account to provide you with some information of your organization and provide you establishment card details and you have establishment card details included in your account on the app. After logging in, follow the steps below
Click on ‘Electronic Work Permit Cancellation’ under the ‘Direct Services’ category.
Then click on ‘Apply for this service’ button.
After accessing the service you can view your company details, which shows the number of employees the company has and the information of each employee.
Select the employee whose work permit you want to cancel.
Enter employee’s passport and location details.
Select the reason for the cancellation.
Then providing employees with an ‘electronic craft’ that can go directly to the app and submit the application.
As per MOHRE app, once the application is approved, the permit is canceled and the information is sent electronically to the Emirates General Directorate of Affairs (GDRFA), if the employee was sponsored by the company. For the employer to visit the GDRFA office or its service directors to cancel the employee’s visa, after the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates have received all relevant information from the GDRFA regarding the cancellation of the visa. At work is permanently cancelled.
Can an employee cancel themselves?
Although the process of canceling permits in general is today’s responsibility, according to a new ministerial decree issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates MOHRE, employees can also request to cancel their work permits in special circumstances. A person may request the cancellation of their work permit without the consent of Aday, such as when an organization is not properly registered with the Ministry or when the employee fails to cancel the permit by Aday to the Ministry of Labor. In case of filing a complaint, do not reach within five days till today.

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